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Alleged Patent Infringement

The inventor and patent holder of Australian Patent 200129038 has had advice that copy products, advertised as SafeTbelt  and earlier  Springbelt flex, may be unauthorised copies of the patented concept and may breach the IP rights of Australian Patent 2001290381 (Claim 1 & 2)


Persons considering these products are strongly advised to contact one of the undersigned for information and advice on these unauthorized copies. 


Persons to contact:-


Don Wilkinson

Industrial Seatbelts ltd PO Box 28058 Christchurch NZ

Contact us

Australia and global  E mail:  Phone +61 3 93555533 (ask Springbelt sales)

New Zealand:          Email:  Phone NZ 0508 580000 (ask Mike or Eddie)


To contact the original inventor  Don  email